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I & J


I & J are currently working in an area where public publication of their ministry may lead to severe disruption in their capability in what God has lead them to do. If you are interested in knowing more details please reach out to Pastor Andy or our main office to hear more about their story and ministry.

I & J served as Global workers for several years under the leadership of her parents, which are also Global workers who we sponsor. 

At a young age, they both sensed the call into full time ministry. He served as the youth leader; while she served as the media coordinator of a church, while leading youth worship as well.

Their vision is to reach this generation of young people, to see them saved and inspired to fulfill God's call on their lives. One of the greatest needs in the eastern part of the world is that thousands of young people have never heard the phrase "God loves you." 

Currently they have been working with the struggling people of Israel with food distribution and ministering to holocaust survivors. 


There are three main ways that you can help any of our supported missionaries:

1. Prayer Support

Being on the missions field anywhere in the world can, at times, be very daunting and difficult. To support these missionaries please remember them in your everyday prayers

2. Personal Letters

No matter where these missionaries find themselves, receiving a word of encouragement or a message letting them know they are remembered and thought of can go a very long way! If you’re wanting to send a letter or a message to any of our supported missionaries please send us an email!

3. Financial Support

Contribute to our ministry through Family Christian Centre's online giving!


Videos, photos, etc can be made available to those interest in knowing more of this ministry, if appropriate channels are followed. Pleade contact Pastor Andy for assistance.


Some of these publications may be viewed if you are onsite at Family Christian Centre, through our missions display and in-house usage.

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