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Dorothy Carbert

New Testament Outreach Ministries International

Who are they?

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Meet Dorothy, a devoted woman with an unwavering love for God, whose life has been a testament to her commitment to spreading the Gospel. In 1992, she embarked on a significant journey as a Missionary of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) to the Northwest Territories (NWT). Since 1994, Dorothy has been an integral part of New Testament Outreach Ministries International, collaborating closely with PAOC to reach those who are lost.

Dorothy's involvement extends beyond conventional boundaries. While overseeing the church in Ft. Providence, she has passionately ventured into the isolated communities of the North. Her dedication is not confined to the pulpit; she also imparts her knowledge as a teacher at the Discipleship Training Bible School at the Outreach Centre in Ft. Providence.

At the core of Dorothy's mission is her fervent desire to witness souls being saved and leaders being raised up in the holiness of God. She is committed to grounding individuals in the Word, empowering them to minister effectively to their communities, or wherever God calls them. Dorothy's heart beats for the transformation of lives through a deep connection with God and a commitment to living out His principles.

Her favourite saying, "Go for Jesus - what else matters!" encapsulates Dorothy's life philosophy. It reflects her unyielding belief in the centrality of Christ in all endeavours and serves as a rallying cry for those around her to focus on what truly matters in the grand tapestry of faith and service. Dorothy is a beacon of inspiration, leading by example and leaving an indelible mark on the communities she serves.


Ways youcan help

Being on the missions field anywhere in the world can, at times, be very challenging.

Please remember these missionaries in your everyday prayers.

No matter where these missionaries find themselves, receiving a word of encouragement or a message letting them know they are remembered and thought of can go a very long way! If you’re wanting to send a letter or a message to any of our supported missionaries please send us an email

Contribute to our ministry through Family Christian Centre's online giving!

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