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We began as an idea, a “what if?” type of question. Everything around us said that twenty to forty somethings were leaving church and weren’t interested in following Jesus, so we asked a question, “How can we be a place with open doors and open arms?” We aimed to be a place where young adults can be themselves and join with others as we go through life together.


So let’s keep it simple: Our goal is to give young adults the space and community to discover who Jesus really is and what it means to follow Him. That regardless of background, ethnicity, past experiences, every person (and that includes you!) is valued, loved, welcomed. 


We believe that life is a journey, filled with hills and valleys, but we also believe that following Jesus is the greatest adventure of them all. So wherever you are in your journey, whether you are new, just checking it out, or have been at it for a while, know this: we are with you in it and this is not something you need to do alone. 


If you have questions, click the FAQ below and if you want to reach out and chat we would love to do it! 


Below you will find a few different ways to connect, all you got to do is pick the one what you are most comfortable with and we will go from there! 


We can’t wait to hear your story and partner with you in this journey of life

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