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Alejandro & Mercedes Cetrulo


Who are they?


Alejandro and Maria Cetrulo, a compassionate and dedicated couple, have been serving as pastors and ministers for over 15 years. Originally from Costa Rica, they have a rich history of planting churches, establishing Bible schools, and creating impactful outreach programs. With Alejandro's 28 years of experience as a psychotherapist, the Rodriguez Cetrulo family has a unique approach to ministry, focusing on community transformation and spiritual development.

Currently based in Canelones, Uruguay, a country facing spiritual challenges and a significant drug-related crisis, the Cetrulo family is deeply committed to bringing the message of Jesus Christ to the people. Situated in an impoverished neighbourhood, they have planted a church, a Pentecostal Bible institute, and a rehabilitation centre. Their specific emphasis lies in training future pastors, global workers, and church leaders, while also providing a path to recovery for young men struggling with drug addiction.

The Cetrulo family, including their son Gabriel, is actively involved in all components of their ministries, from preaching and teaching to counselling, mentoring, and praying for the rehabilitation centre residents, congregation members, and Bible school students. With additional support from health professionals, including a psychologist and a nurse, they aim to holistically address the spiritual and physical needs of those they serve. The Cetrulo family's impactful work is a testament to the transformative power of faith and the positive impact that dedicated individuals can have on the lives of those in need.


Ways youcan help

Being on the missions field anywhere in the world can, at times, be very challenging.

Please remember these missionaries in your everyday prayers.

No matter where these missionaries find themselves, receiving a word of encouragement or a message letting them know they are remembered and thought of can go a very long way! If you’re wanting to send a letter or a message to any of our supported missionaries please send us an email

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