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 We sometimes take the spiritual growth of our kids for granted. Although they may continue to attend church with us, they may be far less committed to (or interested in) Christianity and also be reluctant to share their concerns and doubts.

Begin asking important questions, even at an early age:


“What do you think is the most difficult thing to believe about Christianity?”

“Of all the things the pastor said today, what seemed the most difficult to believe?”

“What is your biggest question or doubt about Christianity?”

“What do your skeptical friends say about Christianity?”

These are good questions because they are “open” questions (they can’t be answered with a short “yes” or “no”), and they can serve to launch deeper conversations. Don’t rush to respond. Instead, be a good listener and use the data you collect to structure and inspire your own studies. And be sure to communicate in both your words and your body language that you are okay with their questions and doubts. Make a list of the questions you want to be able to answer for your kids and begin to research the answers in preparation for your next conversation!


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