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Helpful resources for raising children in

this dark world!

Parents, we care about you and your families!

We are so honored to serve your family. At KidZone, it’s our mission to help parents build a spiritual foundation that their children will never part from. Our desire is to teach children who God is and how to build a relationship with Jesus Christ!


We work hard to create a safe, exciting atmosphere where children can discover God’s calling and purpose for their life. Children in Nursery –grade 6 focus on how to become followers of Christ though Bible lessons, small group studies, worship, music, drama, puppets, and various ministry opportunities!


Students will enter KidZone to find awesome leaders who are there to welcome and build into their lives. The students will begin with “Kid Connection”, a short time of interaction between the children and their small group leaders. The leaders and students will then move to the large group program for “Ramp It Up”.


“Ramp It Up” is a relevant and a creative presentation of a Bible truth. The program consists of music with “live” singers, drama, video, student involvement, and a message. After “Ramp It Up” students return with their leader for the small group program “Team Time” where students will reflect on what they have just learned. During “Team Time” students participate in activities in order to begin applying the Bible truth to everyday life and to continue building community with the other children and their shepherds.


We have researched some resources to help you with this journey in 

Parenting Godly children. We pray that this will be a valuable tool for 

you in this sometimes difficult but amazing journey.


Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions. It has been fun getting to know you and your children. We are falling in love with FCC! It is home!

Love & Prayers:

Pastor Donna Boone Director & Coach of Family Ministries

Pastor Jasmine Molyneaux Assistant of Family Ministries



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