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Complete this form if you are interested in volunteering with the Worship or Tech/Creative Ministries at FCC

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Thank You for your interest in volunteering at FCC, someone will be in contact very soon.



Worship means to show a lot of love and adoration for something.  At FCC we want to show a lot of love and adoration to our God, the Father, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord and to our Comforter and Teacher, the Holy Spirit.  In essence our worship is an extreme form of love to God, we give Him our entire devotion.

Worship at FCC

Our worship at FCC is God focused with joy and expectancy. 

Our aim is to create an atmosphere where people from varied cultures and backgrounds are able to express their praise to God in freedom.  An atmosphere that they can glorify God and experience the joy of their God and love of their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our worship team members are people who love the Lord Jesus and have accepted him as their Saviour.  WT member is one who is prepared to lead the congregation in worship in song or by playing their instruments.  WT members are ones who lead by example: in exuberance and expressive demonstrative worship.

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